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a subtle fruity flavor and add a crisp golden tinge to the skin. Today, Quanjude has become one of the largest food enterprises in China, preparing dishes using m▓ore than four hundred recipes. It is commonly regarde▓d as a good representative of Chinese food, ▓a

nd a must for every visitor to Beijing. The name of the r▓estaurant, Quanjude, together implies perfec▓tion, union and benevolence. Bian Yi FangBei▓jing roast duck is divided into two types: roast duck made with closed oven (where th

e heat is from inner oven wall ) and roast duck made with half-open oven (w▓here the duck is hung over heat source such as fire▓ ). Bian Yi Fang's roast duck is the representative of the closed oven type, which is made with▓out using open fire. Specially made

soup is f▓illed into the duck and during the cooking, it is actually roasting outside and boiling inside▓, thus reducing carcinogen resulting from ope▓n fire roasting. Tan outside and tender inside, fat but not greasy, closed oven roast duck enjoys the reputatio

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n of being a green food.Bian Yi Fang was created in the fourteenth year of Yongle period in Ming dynasty(AD 1416) , it has nearly 600 years history, and it was firstly granted as "Zhonghua Old Zi Hao( a name)" " national supre

me restaurant" ISO9001 Nat▓ional Quality Assurance System in 2001."Bian Yi Fa▓ng" Lao Zi Hao with a implied meaning of "convenient for and benefit for people, super value" managing idea, depends on Oven Roasted Duck as the Dra

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gon Head, bases on S▓han Dong Dishes. The Roasted Duck with crisp skin outside an▓d tender inside, with fresh and delicious taste, so "Bian Yi Fang "enjoys high fame. Because the Oven R▓oasted Duck is roasted in the closed oven

, du▓ring the roasted period "avoiding the fire" it can guarantee that it has no impurity when it i▓s taken out of the oven, so it is named as " The Green Roasted Duck". During these years, Bian YI Fan▓g has based on

duck and its longst anding culinar y heritage sin ce its establishment in 1864, during th e Qing Dynasty un der the reign of Emperor T ongzhi. Quanjude h as its own uniqu e method of prepar ing its roast du ck. Usin g open ovens and non-smoky h▓ardwoo d fuel such as C hinese dat e trees, p▓each t rees and pear tr ees, to add 宁德市5G 九龙坡区5G 莱芜市wap 九龙县wap 萝北县wap 赣州市5G 师宗县5G 普兰店市wap 西盟佤族自治县5G 柳河县5G 全椒县5G 江阴市5G 孟津县wap 宝兴县5G 文水县wap 平谷区wap 蒙城县wap 井研县5G 松阳县5G 贵定县wap 热血传奇私服微端版下载 热血传奇私服网站发布网 怎么制作传奇私服 传奇私服发布网新开网 传奇私服网站新开网单职业 传奇私服微端网站新开网 热血传奇私服补丁 变态传奇私服新开网 单职业手机传奇私服游戏 1.76复古传奇私服网站新开网